The gingercoaching brand was established in July 2010 by Stephen Pritchard.  The brand stands for high quality coaching and delivery incorporating innovation and fun, and stretches across the South-West… but don’t take our word for it.  Have a browse through some of the feedback from customers… or check out twitter (@gingercoaching)


Things you found most useful

  • The way Stephen presented it was appropriate to how you’d deliver a lesson, which was fantastic
  • Relevant games that focus on fun and keeping all the children
  • The variety of games that can be used to encourage participation of the children.

How to keep all the players involved at all times during the game (17-01-14 teachers on a Cricket for Teachers workshop)

It was really fun – one of the best badmington (sic) lessons EVER! (09-02-13 junior club player)

This has been an excellent term for PE with Mr Pritchard.  The children have loved their badminton lessons and I now feel more confident in being able to teach a sport that I am not experienced in playing (07-02-13 KS2 teacher after 5 week CPD intervention written by gingercoaching)

Great session – thanks!  It was nice to see you again Steve.  Entertaining as always! (31-01-13 Primary teacher after CPD session written by gingercoaching)


The coach told me exactly what I was doing well (18-12-12 Yr 10 pupil after Elite Performance Programme session)

Very good, really good interactive session.  Good ideas for progressions.  I will definitely use them! (03-12-12 another happy PGCE student)

Very well delivered.  Useful regarding school.  Fun and engaging.  Positive reinforcement.  (03-12-12 PGCE student after badminton training written by gingercoaching)

Much better than I thought it would be.  It was really relaxed and it’s really helped with my confidence in badminton.  It was brilliant as we got to play which made it so much fun. (01-11-12 another happy Young Leader)

It was fun because we did a lot of involvement in the actual game when I thought we were just going to get information. SWAG! (01-11-12 Young Leader after a course during half-term!)

Write down 1 thing that helped you get better today:

  • When lunging you use the same foot as your hand
  • Knowing how to hold the racket at an angle helped
  • The straight heel toe (15-10-12 junior club players when asked for specific feedback)

I liked the learning from games (26-09-12 VIth form student after a compulsory participation session at school)

An excellent course.  One of the best I have experienced.  The best ideas were how to aid very low ability children during a normal lesson. (27-06-12 Secondary school teacher after a BISI course)

Great delivery style – liked the idea of asking for needs at the start.  Met all of my needs.  Thanks very much (27-06-12 another teacher on the same course. Is this what you call learner centred?!)

Thankyou Steve, throwing technique was improved by your exercize (sic). Starting warm up was slightly vigourous (sic) though enjoyable session (23-06-12 9 year old junior club player)

Thankyou Steve and James for teaching me about the different grips, I am getting alot (sic) better at badmington (sic).   I am happy because I beat xxxx.  I have never beaten him and he thinks he’s loads better than me! (23-06-12 junior club player getting competitive)

Things you’ve learned about playing a singles tournament? Um…nothing. BYE (02-06-12 well, I did ask!)

I have to remember to put my racket foot back when I am doing the robin hood (28-05-12 junior club player after working on overhead hitting technique)

Thank you it may only be my second lesson but I feel like a pro because of you (14-05-12 new junior club player)

Analyse the opponents abilities in the warm up (14-05-12 17 year old junior club player)

Was really fun, enjoyed it and helped me think about my future (01-05-12 BTEC student after a bespoke Young Leaders course)

I liked working in teams to get better at shots (16-04-12 junior club player – evidence of #learningnutrition)

I am impressed by the skills used by the wise ones (05-03-12 junior club player in awe of older players!)

I’d like to do how to disguise drop shots (20-02-12 junior club player)

I learned Steves name (13-02-12 new junior club player)

I learned that when you hit a shuttlecock back to the server first you have your raquet (sic) strings facing down (06-02-12 junior club player)


You tried and succeeded in making the session fun!!!  Good job! (19-12-11 L1 candidate)

V good, I think I will remember everything because it was so dynamic and engaging however next time chose a venue that has a better chef. (19-12-11 L1 candidate.  A bowl of chips took an hour to arrive!)

Hello, does anyone read these? (17-11-11 junior club player)

I didn’t dislike the mixed as much as when I played with Sam J. Really liked the tournaments.  Have a good Christmas (17-12-11 junior club player)

I enjoyed the course but feel the last half hour could be run differently, with still focusing on badminton and not so much the principles of movement for badminton.  The primary ideas are very easy to practice and teach.  Wish had (sic) more badminton with more shot selection and also play short match to learn rules and officiating. (24-10-11 PGCE student on pilot BISI course written by gingercoaching)

I really enjoyed you as a coach/teacher!  You new (sic) your stuff and delivered it very well! (24-10-11 PGCE student on the same pilot BISI course)

I liked Guess the Stretch (10-10-11 10 year old junior club player)

I liked the doubles tactics, more please (01-10-11 16 year old junior club player)

Twas brillianto!  Would be great to see more women or to let ladies play mens singles if not many of us girlies – loved it! (25-09-11 Recreational player after Social Series event)

Great delivery of content, fun and active course, thanks (18-09-11 L1 candidate)

Great course, brilliantly delivered in a fun, informative way.  Cheers Stephen (18-09-11 L1 candidate)

Awesome tutor and thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially technical input, many thanks (18-09-11 L1 candidate)

The hoop game was really addictive (17-09-11 10 year old junior club player)

Nice way to incorporate technique with fun (14-09-11 Sportivate attendee)

This week was cool and fun (05-02-11 8 year old junior club player)

Steve’s delivery of the sessions helped to keep it entertaining and lots of ideas made it very useful (01-02-11 teacher on BISI Secondary  CfL course)

Very good information, very enjoyable, great help to coaching ability but also playing ability.  Very good help – especially from Stephen (01-02-11 student on BISI Secondary CfL course)

Steve was excellent throughout the day and enhanced the enjoyment of the course.  Well done (01-02-11 teacher on BISI CfL Secondary course)

V enjoyable and relevant session – well tutored (21-01-11 teacher on BISI Secondary CfL course)

Very good – very positive tutor – thankyou (21-01-11 teacher on BISI Secondary CfL course)

Thanks.  I really feel my clears have improved.  I’ll enjoy using them in matches to come, including the central venue match for school (12-01-11 12 year old in County training cell)


I liked doing the tournament.  It was really fun (05-11-10 13 year old junior at a club session)

I think there should be more half court games so more people can play at once.  Thankyou for a great session (03-11-10 junior in County training cell)

Good fun, nice to practice backhand and basic grip (22-10-10 12 year old junior at a club session)

Don’t bang your knees while doing a net shot while doing a face plant.  It hurts! (09-10-10 11 year old at junior club session)

Thankyou for welcoming me!  Loved having the 2 separate activities and the personal training kind of technique.  You are both very supportive.  (06-10-10 junior attending first session of County training cell)

Your (sic) rubbish J he he joking J Fun coaching as always J (03-10-10 candidate on L1 coaching course)

Badminton is priviledged to have such a dedicated and professional coach.  Good sessions Steve ( 18-09-10 Company Director on L1 coaching course)

Great atmosphere and good mix of theoretical and practical – excellent relations with the group (18-09-10 candidate on L1 coaching course)

Reminded me of how much I love badminton after 6 weeks of the school holidays!!! (01-09-10 12 year old at junior club session)

Dingles was really good it was chaos (23-08-10 junior at club session)

It’s me again, I hit the ball several times, really liked having such a small group, thankyou.  PS The ball joke is hilarious (15 year old at junior club session)

I think the warm up helped my high serve (06-08-10 junior at club session)

It is so much better in the older session.  I would really like to come in the older group because it would make me a lot better in different maches (sic).  I think it will really be good if you thoat (sic) about moving me up a group (26-07-10 U11 County player seeking promotion at a club session)

The cone side-step thing was cool, Danish singles were hard but fun! (17-07-10 12 year old at junior club session)

I didn’t lose by much this time… just you wait until next session, I might even win!?!? (Please can I have some chocolate if I do?) (12-07-10 15 year old at junior club session)

Why is Danish singles useful? (10-07-10 U17 player at club session)

I think it is (another U17 player at the same club session)

I am no longer a hitting spanner (thanks for that), I actually scored 2 points in a game which is some kind of record I believe… (05-07-10 15 year old beginner in a junior club session)

I liked Danish singles, didn’t like tramline singles (03-07-10 12 year old at junior club session)

What I liked was playing badminton what I didn’t like was playing when I was exhausted (26-06-10)

Good session, would like to do more tactics and strategic play (21-06-10 U17 at junior club session)

I didn’t enjoy the people looking at us – it was really embarrassing!! (12-06-10 14 year old at junior club session held on a school open day with prospective students being given tours of the sports facilities)

It was good playing harder people.  It was awesome, I would recommend it! (11-06-10 player at junior club session)

Bit awkward being the star player… only kidding, I’m still rubbish but enjoying it J (07-06-10 15 year old beginner at junior club session)

It doesn’t matter what we do it’s always very FUN (28-05-10 junior at club session)

I enjoyed learning backhands (17-05-10 junior club player)

It was super-duper fun and I liked doing half-cort-singles (sic) (I think its called that) (14-05-10 junior club player)

Like doing specific coaching points in small groups (10-05-10 junior club player)

Had a great time, met nice people and had a really good coach.  Cheers (02-05-10 candidate on L1 coaching course)

Brilliant session, really enthusiastic, really enjoyed all the interaction.  Thank you J (02-05-10 candidate on L1 coaching course)

Great teacher made it really interactive and interesting.  Thanks J (02-05-10 candidate on L1 coaching course)

We are not chickens (24-04-10 11 year old after junior club session when shown a standing hamstring stretch)

I like the shuttle on a string (23-04-10 13 year old junior club player)

The stretches absolutely kaned (sic) (20-03-10 16 year old junior club player)

I enjoyed the doubles games, and learning more techniques with net shots (15-02-10 15 year old junior club player)

Slice drop shots were good to help improve my technique (15-03-10 junior club player)

I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition received from Steve, doing clears and net shots! J (25-01-10 junior club player)

I enjoyed learning how to make clears more powerful and accurate (25-01-10 16 year old junior club player)


I think that my long shots have improved because of the Robin Hood stance (16-11-09 junior club player)

I liked the funny warm up at the start (07-11-09 junior club player)

I like the coach because he helps me a lot.  Thanks (10-10-09 junior club player)