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In Defence of my Wing Attack

I tweeted this.   Twitter doesn’t give the opportunity to form a full argument, so here goes. Netball is the number one team sport played by women and girls, 1.7 million children play in school and over 180,000 play weekly ( Having searched the England Netball website I could not find any information about male netball – there is clearly, and IMHO rightly, a focus on their core audience of women and girls. The netball […]


The buck stops where?

An interesting situation occurred this evening. I coach (with a colleague) for a local leisure provider.  Players pay the sports centre to participate.  We are employed to deliver a session between set times.  Once those times end, who is responsible for the child?  We have another session with different players following straight on from the previous one.  If a parent is not there on time to collect their child, and they wait in reception or in the carpark, […]


Non competitive?

I have as part of an ongoing project been working in a school which a member of staff described as “non competitive” for the past 2 or 3 years.  Until recently, I had not been a massive thinker about competition, it just happened.  I would suggest I probably fell on the cautious side with the players I worked with and over protected them from competition.  Perhaps this was a sub-conscious awareness that the opportunities were inappropriate […]


Arranging failure

I had the pleasure of compiling and delivering a day of leadership training to BTEC students in early May.  They will be planning and running a badminton festival for year 3 and 4 pupils later in the year, so my brief was to help prepare them for this experience.  Luckily, we were able to use a year 7 PE group as guinea pigs in the afternoon, and so prepared a mock festival for them to experience. […]


Certify me

CPD, hugely valuable, often compulsory, sometimes rubbish, occasionally inspiring.  I’ve recently completed a couple of formal qualifications. The Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport course now certifies me to do the assessing work I’ve been carrying out for the last few years!  It is, probably rightly, a pre-requisite to hold this qualification to assess UKcc candidates for the NGB with whom I work.  However, the fact that I’ve been able to assess before completing the […]


Following a new path

I’ve been raising my expectations based on my Learning Nutrition experiences.  As such, I chose to hand more responsibility for the content of one of my community junior clubs sessions to the learners.  This session is weekly and has the youngest players of my regular work. I had 8 players, and wanted them to split into two groups.  I asked them to do so and ended up with two groups of three and a two. […]


Welcome to

Welcome to There is not much here yet, but keep an eye on the site as I increase the content.