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Did you have fun?

Running, managing and maintaining a successful youth section at any voluntary sports club is a challenge. The first challenge is to define what makes the set-up successful. Is winning junior leagues success? Is having huge numbers of players success? Is helping players gain representative honours success? Is providing a pathway into senior participation success? Is it possible to achieve all of the above? In an ideal world it probably is. The reality for many clubs […]


T Cup

I think a phrase coined by Sir Clive Woodward – Thinking Clearly Under Pressure.  It stands to reason that this is necessary for success in any competitive situation.  If we consider the “comfort-stretch-panic” curve, with optimal learning occurring in the zone at the top of stretch, just before we reach panic, then it is fair to say we will be in a situation where we feel under pressure.  The nearer panic we reach, the greater […]