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Reach for the Stars

All Stars Cricket is saving my cricket club. In our second year of the programme we have half a century of All Stars with associated parents, grandparents and siblings.  They offer help, hindrance and hilarity and a mixture of heartwarming and heart stopping moments – #bigmoments We have 3 teenage Activators (to aid this slightly aging one) who were easily tempted to get involved – 3 hours of free training, hours to record for DofE, […]


In Defence of my Wing Attack

I tweeted this.   Twitter doesn’t give the opportunity to form a full argument, so here goes. Netball is the number one team sport played by women and girls, 1.7 million children play in school and over 180,000 play weekly ( Having searched the England Netball website I could not find any information about male netball – there is clearly, and IMHO rightly, a focus on their core audience of women and girls. The netball […]


Making the Cut

When I was a kid (7/8) my dad got an old set of golf clubs cut down to size for me to play with. He took me for a few golf lessons with a pro at an indoor centre. He let me accompany (caddy for) him when he was playing informal competitions and he took me to the driving and practice range. I never played a round of golf and didn’t want to. Being able […]


High Society

I have just read the following article and it got me thinking. Using the skating/boarding/BMXing example it is clear that with the correct environment skills can develop through self-led practice and peer support. Competition in terms of formal rankings etc is not present, but clearly the desire to improve is.  This seems to give rise to a supportive culture or community. Everyone is on the same team, no one is worrying about others getting […]