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Like a good joke…

…the key to feedback is the timing! Through my developing understanding of Learning Nutrition and as I begin to grasp Cog Theory (See Create Development) I hope that my coaching, tutoring etc is becoming increasingly learner focussed and that I am beginning to give learners more control of their learning journey. To accelerate learning it is necessary to challenge learners and put them at the edge of their comfort zone – the Comfort Stretch Panic […]


T Cup

I think a phrase coined by Sir Clive Woodward – Thinking Clearly Under Pressure.  It stands to reason that this is necessary for success in any competitive situation.  If we consider the “comfort-stretch-panic” curve, with optimal learning occurring in the zone at the top of stretch, just before we reach panic, then it is fair to say we will be in a situation where we feel under pressure.  The nearer panic we reach, the greater […]


Messy Nutrients – unadventurous eaters?

I found myself in a new situation recently when delivering some one-off tasters in a primary school.  The aim of the tasters was to drum up more interest for an eaarly morning badminton club that I run.  I had arranged a half hour slot with each of 6 KS 2 classes.  My plan (which due to the nature of the choices involved thoughout was essentially the same for all classes) was to start in a […]