Making the Cut

When I was a kid (7/8) my dad got an old set of golf clubs cut down to size for me to play with. He took me for a few golf lessons with a pro at an indoor centre. He let me accompany (caddy for) him when he was playing informal competitions and he took me to the driving and practice range. I never played a round of golf and didn’t want to. Being able to hit balls was enough. Dad didn’t mind. My little brother got the chance to inherit the clubs and go through a similar process.

A couple of years ago (30 years on) I played my first ever round of golf. I borrowed an old set of clubs from dad and off I went with my work colleagues hopeful that I would not humiliate myself. The basics of a golf swing seemed to be present and I managed to bumble around the course with enough success to really enjoy it and want to play again.

Now I have a newer (inherited) set of clubs, am a member of my local club and have an official (very high) handicap. I’m having some frustration that certain things don’t work but am tinkering and working out ways.  I’m aware of the risks of online coaching but have found a couple of seemingly reputable youtubers as a source of guidance.  I also have a goal – to break 90 shots for a round. I’ve come close a couple of times – not losing balls definitely helps.

The non-pressurised early sampling of the sport (or at least the technique of it) has enabled me to return. I’m never going to be an elite performer, but I might have become a life long participant.

Oh, and my brother plays too!

Cheers Dad.

PS.  My little boy is now 6 and has been on the putting green chasing balls into the hole.  Time to find him some clubs – trickier though as he’s decided to play left-handed!

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