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Catch the Pigeon

The Stag Do. A group of blokes, associated with the groom through friendship or family, get together to undertake activities they’d never otherwise do.   This is usually followed by copious amounts of alcohol leading to a hangover to remind the condemned man what he’ll be missing out on once the knot is tied?! My two last experiences of “The Stag Do” shared Clay Pigeon Shooting as one of the activities. OK, lets get one thing […]


Now or then

We are currently experiencing an attendance boom at both badminton and cricket sessions with which I am involved.  With a bit of foresight I have managed to get to a situation where I have some L1 coaches, parents and experienced players in place who are willing and able to help out.  By coincidence this has all been happening in a period during which I’ve been involved with reviewing Coach Education programmes.  Part of this has […]


Empty Vessels

I was a part of a group of tutors debating the pre-requisites for a UKcc L1 Assistant Badminton Coach.  There were some strong and mixed views.  There were arguments that a good level of playing ability should be required; and arguments that it is not necessary.  There were arguments that they need to be able to umpire/score doubles matches, and suggestions that this was not important. Where do I sit? I’m not sure it matters!  […]


Theory v Practice: A clash of paradigms?

I watched this video earlier Learning Styles There is a fair amount of dislike for “Learning Styles” from a variety of academics at the moment.  I am not an active academic, but I am an active coach and coach educator.  I wonder whether it matters if “learning styles” exist?  Perhaps what is more important is the impact that any belief in/interpretation of the theory has upon practice.  Practice is what interests me.  In sport and Physical Education we […]


The Customer is Always Right

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@gingercoaching) will be aware that with SASP (@SASPSomerset) I have been working on a project to aid less experienced coaches in their reflection and hence to help them evolve and develop as coaches in a more autonomous manner.  The logistics of mentoring coaches through observation are challenging and hence the idea is to develop a toolkit that enables the customers to air their views.  Ultimately what they think […]


Wicketkeeping Uncovered

The Devon Youth Cricket Foundation arranged a 4 hour workshop run by ex-England ‘keeper and current Notts captain Chris Read.  Chris didn’t charge to deliver this session meaning it was free for coaches across Devon – a great opportunity.  Chris delivers the wicketkeeping aspect of the ECB Level 4 coaching programme so for a lowly level 2 coach like myself this was a chance not  to be missed. There were 4 Devon age group wicketkeepers […]


Coach Development

Having blogged in the past about CPD, and had a bit of a moan, I have to say how valuable I found a discussion group I attended this week.  It was hosted by SASP, was not certified and as such went wherever we wanted it to go – helped by some skillful facilitation. We discussed various thoughts around coaching prompted by a couple of group tasks and short youtube videos on “quality coaching”.  The main […]