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Now or then

We are currently experiencing an attendance boom at both badminton and cricket sessions with which I am involved.  With a bit of foresight I have managed to get to a situation where I have some L1 coaches, parents and experienced players in place who are willing and able to help out.  By coincidence this has all been happening in a period during which I’ve been involved with reviewing Coach Education programmes.  Part of this has […]


Empty Vessels

I was a part of a group of tutors debating the pre-requisites for a UKcc L1 Assistant Badminton Coach.  There were some strong and mixed views.  There were arguments that a good level of playing ability should be required; and arguments that it is not necessary.  There were arguments that they need to be able to umpire/score doubles matches, and suggestions that this was not important. Where do I sit? I’m not sure it matters!  […]